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Supporting Maria and her family

During COVID, with so many of us sheltering in our homes, it has been is difficult to reach out and help other individuals. Maria and her sons came to our attention through Susan, a Faith in Action leader who supports them in-person. Maria, a Guatamalan, and her three sons are living in the limbo created by our current immigration system. They were denied their asylum claim in December 2020 and an appeal was filed, which likely will take at least a year to resolve.


In the meantime, the family lives together in one large room. Maria’s older sons, a high school junior and a senior, enjoy spending time with their local cousins or watch TV when they are not studying or helping their mom. Their younger brother, 16 months, has just learned to walk. He delighted in the new toys he received from OS members and Maria delighted in a sturdy, safe car seat. Maria is also connected with her church, El Principe de Paz, and she is part of the church group collecting clothes to send back to Guatemala for children ages 5-8.


Maria has not been able to find work, but with the help of OS members and Susan, she is now signed up to do an orientation with La Colectiva, a worker-run collective that connects immigrant women to domestic jobs. If you would like to explore hiring Maria for babysitting or house cleaning, Susan could act as an intermediary to help figure out if it will work for you.  Contact if interested.


Right now, Maria is 6 months behind in rent and is struggling with daily needs. Hopefully, local and state laws will help ease the rent burden (but won’t erase it). We are asking Or Shalom members to ease the family’s way with other financial needs, and possibly, rent debt. Donate what you can; any amount you donate will be meaningful as it joins with the collective generosity of our Or Shalom community.


If you would like to donate to help Maria and her sons, or If you would like to donate clothes to the El Principe de Paz clothes drive for children in Guatemala, contact for a COVID- safe drop-off at an OS member’s house. 


Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783