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School of Jewish Living Arts (SJLA)

Registration is NOW OPEN for January-March 2023 classes!

All Zoom classes are in Pacific Time, zoom links will be sent out via email before the class. Suggested minimum donation is $12.00 per session or $36.00 for a class series of more than three. We also welcome donations made payable to the Or Shalom School of Jewish Living Arts.


FREE! A Mystical Tu Bishvat Seder
with Rabbi Me’irah & Rabbi Shana
Sunday, February 5 via Zoom 
Time: 4:00 pm
Adults and youth are welcome

Description: If you are looking for a gentle introduction to Jewish mysticism, Tu Bishvat presents a beautiful and tasty opportunity. Did you know that in Jewish tradition, all trees have a birthday? We’ll learn how this Torah holiday morphed into mystical meanings about a tree–with its roots in Heaven! We’ll have a little fruit repast as our way to celebrate the Birthday of the Trees. Please register for a list of preparatory items and Zoom link!



Building a Caring Community: Healing for Self and Others—4 Classes with Rabbi Chaya Gusfield
Wednesdays: January 25, February 1, 8, 15 via Zoom
Time: 7:00 pm
Suggested for Adults

Zoom Link + Shalom

Description: Sponsored by Or Shalom Chesed Circle. Healing is not only about cure and recovery. We will study prayers, Torah, stories, Talmud and find out how our traditions can guide our communities’ ways of caring for each other. Each class will offer lectures, discussions, and prayers of healing for those present and those weighing on our hearts, experimenting with different forms of prayer.

  • Class #1: In the Torah and siddur: hidden healing gems
  • Class #2: The Mitzvot (sacred obligation) to visit the sick. What do we define as sick and what is a visit? You might be surprised what the Talmud says.
  • Class # 3: Sweep the floor, give me your hands, stories from Talmud that will inspire you.
  • Class #4: We will examine a variety of ways a caring community can support others. When have you needed help? When have you offered accompaniment, rides, or food? The impact of receiving a card. Showing up for a shiva minyan.


Paint your own Kiddush Cup or Seder Plate!—A Workshop with Rabbi Me’irah
Sunday, February 19 at Terra Mia Ceramic Studio, 1314 Castro Street
Time: 1:30 pm
$36.00 for materials fee.
Adults with youth are welcome
Description: Did you know that it is a mitzvah to make beautiful ritual objects? Come paint your own kiddush cup or seder plate and learn the traditions about using them. Preparatory ideas and worksheets are available to those who register. Space is limited, so register early.


Writing an Ethical Will—A Workshop with Muriel Dance
Sunday, March 5 via Zoom
Time: 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Suggested Donation $12.00.
Adults welcome

Description: Did you know that Jews have a tradition to document, and leave for posterity the jewels of their life’s wisdom? Ethical wills originate in the Torah, based in an oral tradition of Jacob calling his 12 sons together to bless and instruct them. Over time, this developed into a more intentional way to transmit ideals, values, and experiences most treasured in order to teach those who were dear to the dying one. And sometimes, we can even bring humor into what we write for the next generation.  



Prayer As Medicine Through Writing—3 Sessions with Rabbi Chaya Gusfield
Wednesdays: March 8, 15, 22 via Zoom. Please register by Feb 27.
Time: 7:00 pm
Course Suggested Donation $36.00.
Adults and youth are welcome

Description: This series is available to people of all levels of Jewish learning. We will unpack prayer through study, writing, and sharing in small groups. We will explore a few key Jewish prayers, but more importantly, I will teach you an approach to gaining access to prayer and making it personal.


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Past Classes:

It’s Never too Late to Acquire a Hebrew Name-with Reb Ezra and Rabbi Me'irah
Tuesday, January 24 via Zoom
Time: 7:00 pm

Zoom Link108273

Adult and kids- learn your Hebrew name!
Description: Hebrew names are sentences. They draw one into one’s life purpose. They give you a holding place in the web of the Jewish People. A Hebrew name can become modified with time, and sometimes, they can even defy the Angel of Death. Come and learn and hear some amazing stories, and contemplate acquiring your own Hebrew name.

Watch Rabbi Me'irah and Reb Ezra dicuss their Hebrew names here:

Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783