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Sanctuary Or Shalom

Sanctuary Or Shalom is a congregation-wide effort to support immigrants under threat in our community. Our goals are to create awareness and opportunities for action among the wider congregation, and to allow for more deeply engaged work for interested members. 

take action now for domestic employees

Domestic employees, many of whom are immigrants work, deserve the same rights to safety on the job that is given to all California workers

Instructions to Call Governor Newsom as soon as you can to ask him to sign SB 321, the Health and Safety for All Workers Act.

Please phone: 916-445-2841.

Sample Script: 

Hi, my name is _______.  I am a ______ (type of domestic worker, employer or ally) in _____(city).

I'm calling to ask that Governor Newsom Sign SB 321, the Health and Safety for All Workers Act.  Domestic workers have been frontline and essential workers for more than a year during the COVID-19 pandemic, they urgently need basic health and safety standards now more than ever.  It is time for California to create health and safety guidelines for domestic workers.

friends afuera

The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity coordinates two programs to walk alongside people targeted by the immigration system.  Several Or Shalom individuals or groups have started participating in one of them, Friends Afuera ("Friends Outside"), writing letters and providing commissary funds on a monthly basis to someone incarcerated in a detention center. More about Friends Afuera...


If you would like to participate in Friends Afuera as an individual or as part of an OS  group, or if you are interested in learning more about Interfaith Movement’s other accompaniment program, Nueva Esperanza, accompanying newly arrived immigrants, contact

accompaniment at or shalom

Accompaniment is a sanctuary term for actions in support of a specific individual or family. Or Shalom is currently accompanying a family from Guatemala, a mother and her three sons.

Updates on those we support in our sanctuary efforts

photograph of Melvin and his family

  • Melvin Jimenez Menara, a young man Phyllis Shulman has been writing to at Adelanto Detention Center, has been released and reunited with his family after a campaign by the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (who sponsor our Friends Afuera program). As a twelve year old, he had immigrated from El Salvador to escape violence, was able to graduate from High School in southern California, and had a good job before ICE held him in a heart rending separation from his wife, toddler daughter and new baby girl. He is a religious person who expressed interest in Judaism and Or Shalom. If you are interested in joining OS's Friends Afuera group, contact Phyllis Shulman at
  • Maria and her extended family (4 adults, 6 children) are hoping to move from their current living situation. They can fit into a 3 bedroom house or apartment. If you have any leads or ideas, please contact
  • Ivan, another of our Friends ,was also released from detention! A small group of us raised some funds so that he could speak to an attorney about his case. If the attorney takes the case, we will reach out to the generous OS community, as he currently has no means of support..

SANCTUARY or shalom Activities/OPPORTUNITies


Ongoing Sanctuary Activities 

• Join Friends Afuera or Accompaniment Activities.

• Research and organize sanctuary opportunities for Or Shalom.

• Join the leadership of sanctuary efforts at Or Shalom.

• Contact for more information.



Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity Monthly Vigil

Or Shalom sponsors 1-2 of these vigils per year and several members attend these moving monthly vigils. Watch the weekly newsletter for monthly notice.

sanctuary or shalom's guiding partners

Truah’s Mikdash work helped shape our conception of the New Jewish Sanctuary Movement. It continues to help provide us with Jewish grounding for the work we do.  This guide was especially helpful. 


Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (IM4HI) sponsors Friends Afuera (pairing volunteers outside detention with detainees, exchanging letters and providing commissary funds) and Nueva Esperanza (accompanying someone living in your community) and provides advocacy, actions and vigil opportunities.


Faith in Action Bay Area works to build shared leadership that takes action to uphold the dignity of all people and transform unjust systems. Many of the leaders are immigrants and many of the campaigns come directly from the expressed needs of the immigrant community. Our compa, Maria, comes to us through our Faith in Action connections.


HIAS (originally Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) works for a world in which refugees find welcome, safety and freedom. Some of our sanctuary actions have come through HIAS.


Contact to learn more about our involvement with these organizations.

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