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Meet Robyn Talman


My family started as a “blended” one:  non-Jewish mom, Jewish dad, and two kids whom I knew I wanted to bring up embracing their Jewish roots. I had grown up Protestant, but didn’t feel connected to it. Perhaps deep inside me I sensed that I had a Jewish soul. 
My family joined Or Shalom around 2002, to begin Jewish education for my elder child, Aviv. Aviv became Bat Mitzvah in 2009. My younger child, Isaac, came to Jewish education much later. Somewhere in his mid-teens, Isaac began to seriously think about becoming Bar Mitzvah. While looking for a way to make that happen, we decided to reconnect with Or Shalom. We had let our membership lapse for a number of years. And what a wonderful decision it was for us to return to Or Shalom!
Almost immediately upon resuming our membership, I realized that I had long nursed a deep interest in exploring conversion to Judaism. I began attending services regularly, joined the Music Ensemble, and attended as many learning opportunities as I could, including Torah Study, Considering God Salon, and Embodied Spiritual Practice. Throughout it all, Rabbi Katie has been a wise, encouraging, and inspirational guide and teacher.
Last month, Isaac became Bar Mitzvah at age 19. And one week before that, I completed my conversion to Judaism. The day of my conversion Beit Din, with three wise and wonderful women Rabbis, followed by my Mikvah in the Pacific Ocean, is one I will always remember. I may make a Mikvah in the Pacific an annual event! I received my Tallit and my new Jewish name, Ranit, which means "Joyful Song," at Isaac’s Bar Mitzvah. What a beautiful and blessed day!
My family now consists of a Jewish-mom and two adult children who fully embrace themselves as Jews. As a member of Or Shalom, I feel so blessed to have found a supportive and engaged community of warm, thoughtful, and caring people who have welcomed me and family. My Jewish soul is filled with happiness and music. I’m very grateful to call Or Shalom my spiritual home.


Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782