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Reconstructing Judaism


We are a Jewish Reconstructionist community, tasked with making Judaism relevant to our times while respecting the traditions of our ancestors. As Reconstructionists like to say, "The past gets a vote, not a veto."

Reconstructionism falls on the more liberal side of the spectrum of Jewish practice- with contributions such as:

  • The first bat mitzvah
  • Understanding that Jews who married non-Jews do not intend to exit the Jewish community
  • Embracing LGBTQ Jews as community members and leaders

We seek to bring meaning to ritual, Torah, and commandments as we look at Judaism through a progressive and contemporary lens.

We act with loving-kindness toward one another and all who enter, to create a sense of belonging for every person.

We are a learning community for young and old, committed to reflection, questioning, and listening.

We engage with one another intellectually, spiritually, musically, and joyfully.

We invite anyone to become a member of our community, we do not require conversion.

You can learn more about Reconstructionism by clicking here.

Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783