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Pursuing Justice Team

We pursue efforts that increase justice and equity in our community and our world. 

We desire to develop relationships with individuals and organizations outside our community through our social justice efforts.

We commit to creating opportunities for all within Or Shalom’s community to participate in social action, increase awareness and promote our mutual love of humanity.


We support individual members of our Action Group by jointly acting on efforts they bring to our group that fit the criteria above.


Members of Pursuing Justice have

  • Helped design and create Or Shalom social action T-Shirts
  • Sponsored a Friday Night speaker from Shalom Bayit
  • Shepparded Or Shalom towards a process where OS will work with Shalom Bayit to create a Congregation Response Plan to domestic violence within our community
  • Participated with Faith In Action to create plans for Family Preparedness Workshops for immigrants followed by one-on-one supports from volunteers as part of Faith In Action’s Accompaniment work
  • Participated with OS in Mission Night Walks, Martin Luther King Jr March, Women’s March, Vigils for DACA and more

In the coming months, we plan to:

  • Create and present an Immigrant Education Evening where we will share our immigrant stories with each other and place our histories in the larger context of immigration issues (for OS members older teens and up)
  • Sponsor the Labor Chorus’ production of No One Is Illegal- songs and stories of immigrants (for general public young teens and up)
  • Continue to develop avenues to pursue justice that reflect the passions of our members.
  • Inform and inspire each other at our Pursuing Justice meetings by info such as updates on national lawsuits and related work of local or national groups on issues we are involved with.
  • To get involved, email our Social Action Fellow!
Mon, December 10 2018 2 Tevet 5779