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A Completion of one cycle of time

10/31/2022 03:22:05 PM


Reb Ezra Weinberg

Dear ones of mine,

A post-holiday season greeting of sorts.

Some rabbis are relieved when the new month of Cheshvan arrives. I generally feel a loss. After such a relentless season of holidays, here is my attempted summary. This is what goes on inside of me every year at the end of the Tishrei cycle of Jewish holidays.  At the end of a cycle so full of life, so full of energy, so full of prayer and promise and hope, I yearn to carry it with me. I yearn to carry this crucial sense of returning. Returning to a deep love, a love of self, of family, of friends, of tribe, and our collective future on this planet.

If you were a part of my journey the past 80 days, you may find yourself somewhere in here these two offerings / reflections.... 

Sending love to you all, (feel free to forward to anyone who might want to see this).

M'ayin Yavoh Ezri! 

From Where, to Where – Will My Help Come? (Psalm 121)

to Vermont

From Philadelphia 

to San Francisco 

From the new building in Bernal Heights 

to Beth Israel in Berkeley

From square dancing at Ashkenaz

to dukhaning at the Mission Minyan

From sounding shofar on the beach 

to running from microbes

From Spiritual Embodied Practice 

to Hardly Strictly Elvis Costello

From borrowing hair ties 

to getting friends to ask each other for forgiveness 

From reminding friends that we need each other 

to disrupting family patterns 

From amazing Mexican food 

to old friends and their new children (to me)

From new friends 

to expanding family 

From the Albany Bulb art

to teenagers in tifilin

From imagining the Center of Jewish Living Arts 

to seeking redwoods but only finding eucalyptuses  

From the ensemble 

to healing services 

From ride shares

to fog-lifting walks in Bernal Park

From divorce podcasts

to tefila podcasts

From Daf Yomi: Ketubot 

to crossing the bridges 

From feeling the friends who've lost parents 

to a really cold outdoor mikveh

From the shehechiyanu hazaka 

to Kohenet and Kehuna

From full out loud Birkat Hamazon

to contagious dancing in the Sukkah

From Torah Orah - A Torah that Illuminates

to a truly FULL Hallel that lifts me up

From Yiddish speaking friends 

to surprise opportunities for prayer leading at home

From Pitka Tava 

to Jr. Congregation and the old tunes 

From the entire birthday cake falling onto the deck 

to the pinnacle holiday of Shmini Atzeret 

From asking for rain and getting it

to All Streams One Source

From Romemu, Kohenet and Koren siddurim

to Artscroll Interlinear Transliterated 

From campfires, big Rebbe, and Sukkahfest: The Musical

to late night heart opening tisches 

From the 7th Hakafah

to Integration for Heshvan 

From 100 year celebrations and pilgrimages to old camps

to the Phillies going to the world series....


80 days…. Of the Tishrei Cycle

80 days of regaining our inner map.  

80 days of getting interested in our own liberation again

80 days of "Revoice’ing" and hearing what the “still small voice”  needs to express

80 days of expanding our notion of family and reclaiming biblical Hagar as our step mother 

80 days of contemplating my own origins as a Torah Family

80 days of disrupting the feeling of being frozen in my own stuck-ness        

80 days of inviting people to invite people to “ask me about my prayer practice.”

80 days of visioning a future through the lenses of the seven year cycle 

354 (days in the Hebrew calendar) - 80 =  274 days of integration and infusion.   

THIS is the year.  


To a new month... and a new season and a new cycle....

Chodesh Tov - A good month!  

R. Ezra

Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783