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Or Shalom is a caring, engaging, lively community grounded in Jewish values and contemporary inquiry. Our membership reflects our founding principles: Diverse backgrounds and individual paths are not just accepted but celebrated. Many Or Shalom households are interfaith and/or biracial. We welcome Jews and non-Jews. Whether or not you've had a Jewish education, whether or not you speak Hebrew, whether you like ritual or are "just spiritual," you will feel at home at Or Shalom. 

At Or Shalom, faith lives side by side with questioning and skepticism. We have members who are believers and members who are atheists. Some of us value tradition; others are innovators. We all have a complex relationship with Israel. We talk about our differences, respect one another, and come away enriched.

Whatever your background, we invite you to find your Jewish home at Or Shalom.

For a candid, inside point of view on Or Shalom, click here to be put in touch with an Or Shalom member.

Wed, May 18 2022 17 Iyyar 5782