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Family Tikkun Olam Registration

Join Rabbi Katie and Ben, our new Youth and Family Program Coordinator, for active learning with the whole family through social-action, community building, and volunteering once a month on Sundays, we will volunteer as a group to help heal the world.

Everyone is welcome of course! We are excited to be holding Family Tikkun Olam events in person this year!

For our second event, we will be meeting on 
December 12, 2021 from 10-11:30am at 3201 Ulloa St, San Francisco, CA and we invite you to join us there with our Or Shalom community. Congregation Member, Debbie Benrubi will be leading us in an Environmental Activism program and more details will come soon. We hope that you join us!

For our third Family Tikkun Olam event, we will be meeting together and joining the San Francisco community for the Martin Luther King Jr. March in the city. This will be held on Monday, January 17th. Location TBA.

Here is our full list of dates:
November 7
December 12
January 17
February 27
March 20
April 10
May 1

See you soon!
Sing Shalom! is a free program.  We appreciate any donation you would like to make.   Just write the amount in the box. Thank you!
Thu, January 20 2022 18 Shevat 5782