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Purim Mishloach Manot 2019

The tradition of giving gifts to friends and to the needy is mandated in Megillat Esther (the Scroll of Esther).  The custom of 'sending portions' is Mishloach Manot in Hebrew.  Use this online form to send Mishloach Manot to the entire community or specific groups listed below.  Each group you select will receive a mystery gift and a card with your name on it. 

If you wish to send Mishloach Manot to individual households, please use the paper forms you received in the mail.  If you wish to pay by credit card with this method, you will be sent an invoice when your papers have been received.  

Happy Gifting!

By choosing Ester's Circle or Mordechai's Helpers you will be sending a mystery gift to every household within Or Shalom!

Mon, January 18 2021 5 Shevat 5781