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2022-23 Financial Commitment Renewal


What’s been true of us for the last 33 years is now truer than ever: when we show up together, we grow together. 

We survived the worst days of the pandemic, thanks in no small part to song and prayer, movement and dance, and service to others. Now it’s time for us to begin a new chapter. Your partnership is the most important element in the vibrancy and future of Or Shalom Jewish Community.

As San Francisco’s center of Jewish Reconstructionist spirituality, thought leadership, and community, we’ve always been about evolution and change. What sets Or Shalom apart is that we’re bold, relevant, and barrier-free. Here’s what we mean:

Or Shalom is bold. Our approach to Judaism is a call to action and a belief in the power of connection. We’re determined to make a difference for our city, state, country, and planet. 

Or Shalom is relevant. We’re not afraid to ask the big questions and search for meaning. Through our services, adult education, children's programming, and social justice and action activities, we connect Torah to today.  

Or Shalom is barrier-free. We welcome everyone with heartfelt love. There’s no set mold or criteria to join our community, and you don’t have to be Jewish to be welcomed and to participate at Or Shalom.

We hope you’ll remain members of our community. It’s hard to put a number on the value of an Or Shalom membership, which includes a full menu of year-long programming and tickets to High Holy Days.

Please remember, there are no financial barriers to be a member at Or Shalom. We only ask that you contribute what is best for you. And, if you have not done so already, consider quarterly or monthly installments for your financial commitment. Please reach out to our executive director Amy Mallor ( if you’d like to discuss other arrangements. 


Annual financial commitments are Or Shalom’s main source of revenue. They fund our blessed community and programming. Membership runs from July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023.

Please refer to the email from July 5 with your financial commitment amount from last year.
There are many methods to pay your Financial Commitment. Paper check(s) are the least expensive, with no transaction fee.  eChecks are the next least expensive method, followed by single or recurring credit card charges. We include the convenience fee for all eCheck and credit card-mediated transactions. 

If paying by credit card, please select the number of payments on the payment page. 

Let us know a little more about how you might be able to connect with Or Shalom through your skills and interests.

Upon clicking the submit button, you will be directed to a PAYMENT CONFIRMATION page and charges for your financial commitment and donation, if applicable, will be added to your account.  

If paying by check, simply click the 'bill my account' button (keep payment terms on "pay once now' and send in your payment(s). 

If paying by eCheck, directions to add your bank information will be found on the payment page.

If paying by credit card, you will be prompted to complete the transaction in a single sum or recurring charges to be completed by April 30, 2023. Payment instructions will be on the payment page.

If paying by stock transfer, charitable giving fund, or IRA distribution, simply click the 'bill my account' button on the payment page. 

Thu, December 8 2022 14 Kislev 5783