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meet the Bernstein family


We joined Or Shalom so that our family would have a spiritual community and our children would have a Jewish education.  Other synagogues we visited felt welcoming to one of us (Dorie or Max) but not both; they had no religious education program or just didn't seem to have many kids around.  Or Shalom aligned well with Max's upbringing in a Conservative congregation as well as Dorie's more nature-based spiritual perspective. We also found a joyful spiritual experience, rooted in music and tradition and activist Tikkun Olam, all of which confirmed that Or Shalom would be the home temple for our family.

Through Or Shalom we have indeed found a Jewish education for Kerena and L.J., a growing foundation upon which they will build their Jewish identities.  But we've come to realize that Or Shalom is much more than that. Our kids are figuring out their identities way beyond just religion, and doing so within this community is shaping them in a myriad of positive ways.  This goes for us parents as well. Even as adults, our search for spiritual community is part of our ongoing identity development. Being surrounded by the dynamic, loving, seeking, challenging, thoughtful, and nurturing members of this congregation, we see our entire family continue to grow into the people we dream of becoming.

Wed, July 6 2022 7 Tammuz 5782