Bet Sefer Wednesday School

This page provides a class-by-class breakdown of the school curriculum. For more general and thematic information about Or Shalom's Bet Sefer, please click here.

2nd and 3rd GRADE (combined class)
Hebrew - Students will learn the letters and the vowels of the Hebrew alphabet. They will learn the names of the letters, the sounds that they make, and how we read from right to left. All class teaching will be done through visual, hands on activities and art projects and games.
Torah: Book of Genesis/Beresheet- Students will be focusing on the themes in the Torah portions in the book of Genesis/Beresheet.


4th and 5th GRADE (combined class)
Hebrew - Students will continue learning Hebrew through Jewish concepts, and acquire skills necessary to decode Hebrew accurately and with some fluency.
Hebrew on line: The students will have an online access to practice reading Hebrew at home.
Torah: Genesis through Exodus - Students begin their first in-depth study of the Torah by delving into the book of Genesis using The Explorer’s Bible.  From the texts of Creation through leaving Egypt in the Exodus, students gain a strong foundation of the Torah text, and the people and values from which we make Judaism relevant and meaningful today.


Tefillah and Hebrew - Engage students in prayer meaning/intention of the words. Guide students in making connections between their Jewish traditions and their day-to-day lives by showing how Jewish values are rooted in prayers and in their actions. Students will learn the core prayers of the morning service (Shema, Amidah (Avot) and p’sukey d’zimra), usign their Hebrew skills.
Jewish Life Cycle- The Bar/Bat Mitzvah -Participate in Shema B’nai Mitzvah family cohort.
My Story - The students will embark on a journey to the past, an exploration of roots, a project that goes beyond the usual family tree. It is a journey that connects students to their personal stories, to their family stories, and to their story within the greater story of their Jewish community
Family Program: A visit to CJM in January 29, 2017


Holocaust - The 7th grade curriculum presents in-depth perspectives on the Holocaust as well the recovery and regeneration after the Holocaust. Students will meet and have a chance to hear from a Holocaust survivor who will share his story with the students. 

Tue, October 17 2017 27 Tishrei 5778