BEIT TEFILAH: House of prayer

Or Shalom services reconnect us to the spirituality and joy at the heart of Judaism.

Our services are rich with music, chanting, and contemplative silence. Our liturgy, centered on the Reconstructionist siddur, mixes ancient prayers with blessings we improvise in the moment.

As people of faith devoted to social justice, we find spiritual rejuvenation in spiritual practice, and strive to bring that healing out into the larger world.

Shabbat: Or Shalom offers a monthly cycle of Friday night and Saturday morning services. Click here for schedule and locations. 

Learn more about our High Holy Days and other holiday celebrations

Shabbat at or Shalom

Or Shalom is excited to offer a revamped and fun schedule of Friday evening Shabbat events. Each month, we will offer the following:

FIRST FRIDAY: Traveling Shabbat
A vegetarian pot-luck meal and musical service at a member's home. Intimate and congenial.  Please bring a dish to share. -- 7:00pm, locations tbd

SECOND FRIDAY: Shabbat at the Table
Brief kid-centered song and story session followed by blessings and a delicious Shabbos dinner with more singing and teachings. Main dish provided by Or Shalom. Please bring a dessert to share.
-- 5:30pm at Or Shalom

THIRD FRIDAY: 3rd Friday Shabbat Series
Service followed by Oneg Shabbat and occasional presentation from members and friends of the community.
-- 6:30pm at Or Shalom

A Word About Our Services:
All ages are always welcome to these musical, joyful encounters where gratitude, reflection, connection and tradition combine to remind us of what's really important.

Watch our event calendar, and Facebook page for details!


Do I need to be a member?
If you decide to work with Rabbi Katie for your wedding, we will extend a year of complimentary membership to you and hope that in this special year you find your place at Or Shalom.

Does Rabbi Katie officiate at weddings between Jews and those of other backgrounds?
Yes. However, she is not permitted by her Rabbinic association to officiate alongside clergy of other faiths. She is open to incorporating creative elements to the wedding, finding language that avoids the use of the word, ‘God’ and honoring the spiritual and religious beliefs and practices of both partners but in the end, she is trained to create wedding ceremonies that are decidedly Jewish.

Is there a fee?
There is a requested donation of $500-$1800 to the rabbi’s discretionary fund. If this is a financial hardship, couples can speak to the rabbi to work out something that they can afford.

Are there any requirements about location? Can we hold the wedding at the Or Shalom site?
Rabbi Katie will travel up to one hour to SF area locations to officiate.  The building may also be available.  The sanctuary can be reserved through the OS office for the ceremony, and the social hall can be reserved through the BIJ office for receptions.

Are there restrictions on timing?
Rabbi Katie (and most rabbis) is not able to do a wedding during Jewish holidays or Shabbat (Friday evenings after sundown through Saturday evening sundown.)  There are also certain dates that are considered unlucky or ‘taboo’ on which to schedule weddings, such as the period of the “Three Weeks” during the summer.  The Rabbi can go over these dates with a couple if there are any questions.

How much preparation is required? 
Rabbi Katie generally meets with the couple at least 3-5 times in preparation for a wedding.  Some of these meetings may be done by phone if there is no practical way to do them in person.  Meetings go over personalizing the elements of the ceremony as well as some basic counseling in preparation for the marriage.  The Rabbi also highly recommends that couples of differing spiritual or religious backgrounds seek out additional pre-marital counseling or group work in order to surface and discuss any potential issues that may arise in creating a shared life together.  There are many places to go for this kind of work in the Bay Area.

Mazal Tov on your engagement!
We hope that this document was helpful. Please be in touch with Rabbi Katie directly to make an appointment if you would like to meet and discuss any other questions or get started with the process! 

Sun, August 20 2017 28 Av 5777