OS Listening Campaign

Or Shalom’s Community-Wide Listening Campaign

Or Shalom’s mission statement describes a community united in the desire to support one another and mend the world. Our Listening Campaign addresses both these ambitions. Fot the the next upcoming session, please visit the OS calendar.

Goals of the Listening Groups phase of the campaign:
• Strengthen relationships among individual members in Or Shalom
• Discover common concerns and experiences with systemic issues that affect our community, the broader city, state and nation and lead us to action

How we are conducting this phase:
• Hold facilitated conversations during January and February, aimed at hearing each other’s concerns, connecting to each other, and identifying common themes
• Include students from 6th grade up and a broad segment of adults in the community
• Keep the community updated in Or Shalom’s weekly bulletin

Next Steps:
• Summaries, themes and examples of our concerns will be shared at a communitywide Or Shalom meeting in March
• The community will choose specific themes we want to research
• A smaller group will report back research results, with suggestions for actions at the June annual membership meeting

Intended Outcomes:
• Strengthened relationships and a stronger Or Shalom community
• United commitment to specific social action with high support and involvement from members
• Increased social action beyond these specific initiatives that result from our strengthened connections and community

Where did this model come from?:
Faith in Action provided us with this model of congregation-based community organizing, along with ongoing guidance. Faith in Action is a network of faith groups committed to upholding the dignity of all members of our community, and is part of the national organization People Improving Communities Through Organizing (PICO).

Mon, 27 February 2017 1 Adar 5777